Former Bataille Students

Lance Gasher  


Katrina Lenk


Marisa Hentis

Instructor of Clinical Physical Therapy and Dance University of Southern California

Bennett Saltzman


Ashley O'Brien

Orchesis Director
Glenbrook North High Scho

Frequently Asked Questions

What precautions is Bataille taking to social distance?  

Students can attend classes at the studio (limited class size) or attend online via Zoom

When do you start classes? 

We begin in August and run throughout the school year up until the end of May

How can I pay for a class?

Our sessions are divided into four pay periods (nine-week sessions). 
Sessions may be paid for in-person by check or credit card. 
We do not offer online payments at this time.

Why can’t a dancer take hip-hop until they are older? 

We feel there needs to be a foundation of dance in place before a dancer can begin to tackle the nature of hip-hop. The music and movement require a certain maturity and knowledge of dance.

Testimonials from former Bataille Parents

“During the 12 years my daughter has danced at Bataille, she has not only grown as a dancer, but as a person. I feel that Bataille helps the kids feel confident, secure, safe and empowered. They are taught discipline and respect and actually feel like they have an extended family with their friends and their teachers”

“My daughter learned how to multi-task and be proud of her accomplishments. She learned street smarts while dealing with other dance studios, “stage-moms” and navigating in different cities while performing/competing. She learned stage presence that has translated into being more self-confident and an amazing young woman!”