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Bataille Danse FAQ's

Being a dance studio of many different dimensions presents a lot of questions, which is why we’ve put together our list of common FAQs to help.

As always, we welcome you to Contact Us personally about any concerns you have that have not been answered on this page.


What is your weather policy?

To view our full weather policy, Click Here.


When do you start classes?

We begin in August and run throughout the school year up until the end of May.


How can I pay for a class?

Our sessions are divided into four pay periods (nine-week sessions). Payment plans are available to those who need them.


How large are classes?

Most classes are approximately fifteen students. However, some classes may be larger if the instructors’ qualifications and experience warrant the ability to teach a larger class.


When is your Spring Show?

Traditionally, our Spring Show is held the weekend of Mother’s Day in May. Our show is produced at the Hemmens Cultural Center.


What do the Spring Show fees cover?

The fees a student must pay for the Spring Show cover a complete costume, headpiece, tights, directions and a small production fee to cover props and other necessary production materials.


Why can’t a dancer take hip-hop until they are older?

We feel there needs to be a foundation of dance in place before a dancer can begin to tackle the nature of hip-hop. The music and movement require a certain maturity and knowledge of dance.


Can I watch my dancer take a class?

Absolutely! We encourage our parents and guardians to observe whenever they like, which is why our studios are equipped with windows and TV screens.

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